Frequently Asked Questions...

The River is one of the best ways to see some of London's top attractions. But there are many questions you may have about safety or travel times etc. Please review the questions and answers below:-

Q: Can we get off at the Thames Barrier?

Only if you are part of a pre booked group (For group reservations phone 0207 930 4097)

Q: How long does the trip take?

Westminster to Greenwich single takes 1 hour, return 2 hours

Westminster to Greenwich via the Thames Barrier single takes 2 hours*, return takes 3 hours
*view barrier only disembark at Greenwich.

St Katharines to Greenwich single takes 20-30 minutes, return 1 hour.

St Katharines to Greenwich via the Thames Barrier single 1½ hours*, return 2 hours
*view barrier only disembark at Greenwich

Greenwich to Thames Barrier return to Greenwich 1 hour*
*View barrier only

Q: Can we disembark at Greenwich / Westminster / St Katharines and get a later boat back?

Yes. Always confirm with ticket office or crew as to the time of the last boat.

If your still unsure, you can contact us on +44 (0)20 7930 4097 or